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Does your company need preparation before expanding into Russia? Are you thinking about Russia but aren't quite sure of how to enter the market? Are you in Russia but experiencing management and productivity problems? Would an outside objective assessment of your needs help you move forward and improve operations, morale and the smooth functioning of your business? Do you want to network with other companies who are in Russia, and learn more about their experiences and how they cope with the realities of this exciting but challenging market?

For the past 25 years, Dr. Deb Palmieri has been guiding executives to success in Russia. Dr. Palmieri has developed a unique method do determine success strategies and risk containment. She excels in troubleshooting, problem-solving, and risk management. She trains companies in cross-cultural skills, which helps them avoid losses and operate effectively.

Deb Palmieri Russia Institute offers a wide variety of workshops, corporate training seminars and business education events designed to improve management understanding of the Russian business environment and how to do business in Russia. We are geared to practical training and instant skill acquisition. We offer the only short course programs in the U.S. designed for Russian and American managers.

For Americans, cross-cultural education training is provided to prepare executives to function effectively in the Russian business environment. Executives are trained in the evaluation of financial, economic, trade, and market information on Russia; on Russian business practices; Russian etiquette, customs, and habits; an understanding of Russian negotiating behavior; coping with challenges in Russia; optimal networking strategies; effective ways to interact and cooperate with your Russian partners, customers, employees, and more.

For Russians, topics covered include understanding the American tax and legal structure, strategies for getting visas and eliminating corporate travel uncertainty; effective presentations, writing and communication to U.S. standards and norms; effective strategies for dealing with American customers; time management; understanding American business etiquette and customs, and more.

Deb Palmieri Russia Institute offers regular workshops designed to meet your needs. Workshops and personalized corporate training seminars can be tailored to your specifications. For more information, email