Deb Palmieri Russia LLC

collageDr. Deb Palmieri has conducted an internship program for over 15 years. She has this to say about the students she has worked with over the years. 

"I love working with university students.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences and coaching them to success. I emphasize practical success strategies in early career development and stress leadership skills. This next generation is impressive.  They are pragmatic, technologically sophisticated, and across the board, they embrace the desire to work bilaterally to achieve economic and business cooperation. They seek problem solving skills.  Americans want to work with Russians and Russians want to work with Americans.  They have left the Cold War legacy behind, for the better.  When they assume leadership positions decades from now, the world will be a very different, and I believe, a better place."

Here's what some of the interns have to say about their experiences with Dr. Palmieri over the years.

Nikita (Russian, University of Denver)

My 2013 summer internship at the Honorary Consulate General of Russia has been an incredible and valuable experience.  My responsibilities were centered on research in the area of the U.S.-Russian business and foreign policy relations, including such topics as G20 Summit in St. Petersburg, the U.S. and Russian positions on Syrian Civil War and Iranian nuclear program, the U.S. missile defense system in Europe, and beyond.  I was also proud to assist in preparation and organization of the San Francisco Russian Senior Consul's visit to Denver. 

The internship has helped in clarifying my future career goals.  Working in diplomatic-consular sector has enhanced my desire to pursue career in international relations, especially in Russian-American bilateral political and economic cooperation.  Working with Russians and Americans, as well as nations of the former USSR, has been helpful in brightening my future prospects of working in multicultural environment and I have gained the business confidence to interact with people from different backgrounds.  

Internship at the Honorary Consulate is a great opportunity for a college student or young professional, who is working in the field of Russian-American diplomatic, business, cultural and academic relations.  I saw things in action and learned a lot.  I would like to thank Dr. Palmieri on giving me a lot of initiatives during the internship.   Her professional expertise and wise supervision made my internship an unforgettable experience.  The internship fully matched my expectations, and I would definitely like to be  Dr. Palmieri's intern again in the future. 


Ricky (Brigham Young University- Utah)

Interning at the Honorary Russian Consulate with Dr. Palmieri was the best way I can think of to supplement my academic experiences with practical application.  As soon as my first day began I was put to work doing meaningful research in a field that had great significance in international affairs.  Dr. Palmieri worked closely with me in my research.  She gave constructive feedback and was a great mentor in my transition from academia to the work force. 

While at the Honorary Consulate I had the opportunity to take part in many important events with the Russian population of the region.  I was able to staff events where visas and pensions were distributed as well as the 2012 Russian Presidential Elections.  Each experience was exciting.  They gave me an opportunity to think quickly on my feet as well as use the Russian language as much as I decided to. 

It should also be noted that Dr. Palmieri does an excellent job of selecting interns from all kinds of backgrounds.  These are people of integrity and I count myself privileged to have been able to work with such fine people.  They have a passion for international affairs and for world travel.  I have learned so much from them and their individual experiences. 

I would highly recommend Dr. Palmieri's internship and any other programs that she offers to anyone who has a desire to better themselves professionally, receive vital professional guidance and who want to have an all-around practical experience in diplomacy and international relations.


Michael (American, University of Denver)

My experience with my summer internship with Dr. Deborah Palmieri at the Honorary Consulate General of Russia in Colorado has been an essential and enjoyable learning process for me as I begin to take the first steps in my professional development.  Not only was I able to start refining a set of professional skills, I was introduced to a real-world business environment on an organizational level as well as on a personal level.  I truly believe that this has been one of the most useful experiences that I could have had after completing my undergraduate education at the University of Denver.  I felt that my internship at the Honorary Consulate was especially valuable for me as I one day hope to enter the diplomatic field. 

            My time at the Honorary Consulate has also offered a fruitful cultural experience.  From hosting events for the local Russian-speaking community of Denver to an official diplomatic visit by the Russian Embassy, this internship was a perfect fit for me as an international studies and Russian double major.


Corey (American, Brigham Young University- Utah)

To start with I would like to thank Dr. Palmieri for accepting me as an intern at the Honorary Consulate General of Russia in Colorado. It was a great experience that was very eye-opening for me. A lot of the work I did during my two months was new to me and required me to learn and develop new skills. The skills I learned during my internship will help me in a wide variety of future careers. I had the opportunity to learn how to use social media as a marketing tool, help set up a summer school and summer camps at the Consulate, research Colorado companies can invest in Russian companies, research how agricultural companies in Colorado can benefit from Russia, and it required me to improve my people skills as well.
It was also great for me as a political science major because I was able to follow different legal cases and prepare reports. And this internship provided me with a great opportunity to use my Russian and to be around the Russian people who I love so much. Overall it was a great internship.


Viacheslav Slava (American born in Russia, University of Colorado, Boulder)

My internship at The Honorary Russian Consulate in Denver has been an incredibly rewarding and knowledgeable experience.  From the very beginning of my time at the Consulate I was given the opportunity to become involved in a number of real world projects related to U.S. – Russian relations.   

One of such projects entailed organizing a Russian Poets’ Night, which was hosted by the Consulate.  This inaugural event was a part of Deb Palmieri’s broader initiative to promote an awareness of Russian culture, business and international developments in downtown Denver and Capitol Hill.  I feel privileged to have been a part of this effort to strengthen the connection between American and Russia cultures. 

During my internship at The Honorary Russian Consulate of Denver I learned a variety of essential skills for any professional environment, ranging from proper business etiquette to organizing large events.  This invaluable first-hand experience gave me a great sense of responsibility, tested my strengths as well as exposed the areas in which I need improvement. 

Dr. Palmieri is an expert in the field and an insightful mentor.  I highly recommend  participating in the internship program to anyone who wants to develop themselves in the professional world of business, culture, and politics.


Jorge (Spanish, University of Colorado at Denver)

I interned at the Honorary Russian Consulate of Denver during the 2009 summer. The experience totally surpassed my expectations and surprised me with numerous activities, tasks and events that made the experience unique, fun and highly educational.

Among the most interesting activities assigned during the internship was the research of several international business projects involving Russia.  Without question, being involved in the organization of the Annual Business Executive Roundtable on Russia was a huge privilege and an exceptional opportunity. From contacting guests, to managing the business etiquette, the entire process was an amazing learning experience.

One of the most significant and valuable aspects of the internship was the “reality” of the work done at the Consulate. I believe that most of the work and activities that I got involved in had a real work feeling with direct and tangible results applicable to the real work environment.

The guidance, spirit and wisdom of Dr. Palmieri were of truly exceptional value for me. I feel personally and professionally influenced by many of the values and lessons acquired through interaction with Dr. Palmieri. There’s no doubt that what I have learned during the internship will have a direct and noticeable applicability to my future jobs. From leadership to work accuracy, from detail orientation or business etiquette and protocols, I am sure that I will always recognize the Consulate as part of my professional and personal upbringing.


Anne (American, University of Kansas)

I had a wonderful experience as an intern with Deb Palmieri Russia and the Honorary Russian Consulate.  This summer internship allowed me to apply my academic background to many different business, cultural, and community events.  It was also a great opportunity to learn about official business and government protocol.

My summer internship was filled with countless responsibilities and events; I never expected to engage in such a wide range of activities during this internship!  The summer started with planning and organizing the Honorary Consulate’s Russia National Day celebration, as part of our Cultural Awareness Initiative.  As part of this event, Dr. Palmieri organized to have the Russian king of rock-and-roll come from Moscow to play concerts around Denver.  Thus, the National Day celebration not only introduced me to event-planning, I also learned about marketing and promotion. 

Despite already being busy, Dr. Palmieri was always ready to do more and stayed current with political and economic developments in Russia.  For example, she hosted a business luncheon with a presentation on Russia’s recent withdrawal from World Trade Organization accession.  Not only was it interesting to research this topic, but it was also very informative to hear Dr. Palmieri use her knowledge of Russia’s past to assess possible future developments. 

Aside from these larger events, I was kept busy every day, helping to organize and manage the office.  There always seemed to be something happening, whether it was helping prepare for the San Francisco Consulate’s visit for passport processing, community organization, or meeting with government officials.  I had an absolutely wonderful summer internship with Dr. Palmieri.  Not only did I learn more about Russia, I also gained experience in areas I never expected, such as event-planning, marketing, business protocol, and official government relations.


Adrian (American, University of Colorado at Boulder)

My time at the Honorary Russian Consulate during the first six months of 2009 has been extremely memorable. This has been the case not due to any one experience I had while working there, but the variety of experiences. Much of my time at the Consulate was taken up by a research project, the Yuli M. Vorontsov Memorial Project, a memorial to a truly visionary diplomat. However, while that project was fascinating, and the bulk of my focus, it was by no means the only thing I worked on. During my internship, I also helped Dr. Palmieri host a business seminar, a reception featuring a talented Russian musician, and assisted her in helping to certify the elderly Russian community of Denver for their government pensions.

The internship opportunities created by Dr. Palmieri have also exposed me to a variety of situations which I am sure will be helpful to me in the future. Having an opportunity to meet and speak with Russian (and other) consular staff, Denver business professionals, and others have provided me with a number of skills I otherwise might not have learned, such as business and diplomatic etiquette, the various elements necessary to organize and stage a large event, and how to keep order when dealing with a large crowd of elderly Russians!

Finally, the internship was a valuable experience for me because of the example Dr. Palmieri provides. As an individual who has successfully worked to bridge the gulf between Russia and the United States, in the areas of culture, business and politics. Though my future focus is more likely to be in government than in business, Dr. Palmieri’s attitudes have provided a good example for me, or reinforced beliefs I already held, on the need for honesty, open-mindedness, and persistence when working across national boundaries. Успеха!


Julia (American, University of Southern California)

I found out about the internship with Dr. Palmieri through one of my professors at the University of Southern California when I came to his office desperate for advice. Knowing my interest in international relations and business, he immediately suggested the Honorary Russian Consulate in Colorado and recommended that I apply for the summer internship. Today, I am thankful to Dr. Palmieri for giving me such a great opportunity to be a part of the internship in Denver and the summer program in Glenwood Springs and Aspen. I have learned a tremendous amount not only about the U.S-Russian relations and business, but also about myself. I discovered my weaknesses and strengths, I realized that there are certain aspects of work I do not like to do, but it is important to get out of my comfort zone if I want to grow as a business person.

One of the main tasks I had in Denver was community outreach. It was a fascinating experience. For five weeks I had the pleasure of discovering the city of Denver and traveling to its different parts in order to meet entrepreneurs from Russia and the former Soviet Union. These individuals came to the U.S. decades ago and established their own businesses. I have met owners of art galleries, restaurants, spas, bars, delis, pharmacies, newspapers, and many other businesses. Talking to all those people improved my interpersonal skills, and it became easier to approach new people, helping to build my confidence. I believe that young people are often missing the confidence that is so significant for interviews and at the work place.  Learning how to be aggressive in networking and building strong communication skills was the most valuable outcome for me.

In regards to the summer program in Glenwood Springs I would like to thank Dr. Palmieri once again. Living and working together with two Americans and Russians was an amazing experience. We all learned how to be team players and work hard in order to see final results and achieve our goals. I learned how to organize events and I became familiar with marketing.  All the knowledge that gained was extremely valuable and fortunately for us, the roommates of the ‘Russian House of Roaring Fork Valley,’ work was not the only activity. We had the pleasure of enjoying hiking, running, swimming and other activities. Despite the fact that I was away from my family for many months and felt homesick, I am very happy I went through this experience because I have gained so much and I believe that Dr. Palmieri provided me the starting point for my career.


John (American, University of Denver)

As a student majoring in both Russian and International Studies, I was thrilled to find an opportunity at Deb Palmieri Russia LLC and the Honorary Consulate that allowed me to synthesize my various interests. Not only was I able to do that, my internship enabled me to expand my skills in different areas.

During my internship period, I worked with the Consular Corps of Colorado to re-design their website. I had basic experience in web design, but this provided me with the opportunity to further my own abilities and become heavily involved in the process. At the end of my time, there was a final result that is both meaningful for the operation of the Corps as well as something tangible that I had produced.

We held two major events that I participated in during my time as an intern. We held a business seminar in Aspen, Colorado on investing in Russia. As an intern, I was involved in the set-up and logistics of the event, and was able to observe the seminar itself. As a culminating event, I gave a presentation at a special business briefing about the conflict between Georgia and Russia (August 2008). As a sort of final project, I believe I came ‘full circle’ in my original goals of synthesizing my Russia and International Studies backgrounds in a professional setting. 


Constance (American, University of St. Andrews, Scotland)

The opportunity to work alongside Dr. Palmieri and learn from her has been one of the more beneficial of my life. She is an incredibly knowledgeable person and is eager to teach all that she knows and lend advice and guidance not just in the workplace, but to her interns’ futures and general life experiences. While working in the Denver office, Dr. Palmieri taught us and encouraged an understanding of Russia by conducting various forms of outreach work; something I had never done before. She taught us that, "You can never be disappointed by a 'no', and can always be surprised by a 'yes'".

I particularly enjoyed my experience in the Glenwood Springs/Aspen area in Dr. Palmieri's work and study program. It was an incredible time. I had the fortune to live with a fellow student of Russian and two Russians. We lived and worked together in a wonderful old house creating outreach opportunities for Dr. Palmieri and the Honorary Consulate General to let the public know about Russia. Dr. Palmieri taught us in an informal tutorial atmosphere about doing business with Russia. Overall, I had a fantastic summer working for Dr. Palmieri and I learned skills and insiders notes that I would not have otherwise known.


Dan (American, Brown University)

The Summer Program with Dr. Palmieri was the single best work experience that I have had in my college career. During my stay in Glenwood Springs the other interns and I lived and worked together under the same roof. We designed and managed a project "Showcase Russia," which was an outreach to the Aspen community of the Honorary Russian Consulate of Colorado.

The breadth and depth of experience I was able to take away from my time with Dr. Palmieri is unparalleled by any other internship I have had. Dr. Palmieri gave us a lot of responsibility, while at the same time being extremely accessible. Throughout our time in Glenwood Springs, we were in charge of a variety of projects. For instance we planned and marketed the Business Roundtable, at which we had the opportunity to participate in a discussion with those that are currently operating businesses in or with Russia.

In addition to more "traditional" intern work, Dr. Palmieri arranged for us to conduct television interviews with TV Aspen, meet with local officials, and participate in a talk that Dr. Palmieri gave at the Aspen Institute, only a week before the Dalai Lama came to speak there. Taking part in these events was a rare and exciting opportunity, and it gave the other interns and me a chance to practice the highest level of professionalism.

Dr. Palmieri has continued to be a great resource after the program as well. I am a Russian and Economics major and I have plans to work in Russia and the CIS after I graduate. Dr. Palmieri has given me extensive advice on how to go about finding work in Russia and I have found her list of contacts in Russia to be inexhaustible.

Before this internship, I had come across very little information on doing business in Russia. During the research portion of the Summer Program, we learned about the success of foreign companies in Russia. Dr. Palmieri, drawing on her years of expertise in Russian-American business relations, has a very optimistic view of doing business with Russia. She has also advised me on my own entrepreneurial interests. It was extremely helpful to get feedback from her on how best to realize my business goals.

I recommend that anyone who is serious about building a career with Russia work with Dr. Palmieri.


Bill (American, University of Colorado, Denver)

Dr. Palmieri’s internship program is an exceptional learning experience.  The internship offers valuable learning experiences such as access to business meetings and the opportunity to deliver presentations to influential corporate and diplomatic leaders.  In addition to offering such access to the business and diplomatic communities, Dr. Palmieri also provides the professional mentorship that most internships lack.

While working at the Honorary Russian Consulate I gained a superior understanding of Russia and U.S. – Russian relations.  I was fortunate to learn about the inner workings of a Consulate office and the professional networking and community outreach elements vital to the organization.  The knowledge and experiences gained from this internship will directly help me in my future career.  I highly recommend Dr. Palmieri’s internship program and it’s multi dimensional learning experiences. 


Victoria (Russian, Lingua Consult Language School, St. Petersburg, Russia)

My internship at the Honorary Consulate General of the Russian Federation was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Participation in this summer program in Glenwood Spring –Aspen helped me a lot in my present career. As a Director of Studies at a language school in Saint Petersburg, I have been dealing mostly with Europeans for more than seven years, and always wanted to obtain the same experience with Americans.

I have had a great chance to work and live together with both Russian and American interns to cooperate with them, share my ideas and real life experience while working on the projects aiming to promote positive and fruitful relation between USA and Russia. We managed to realize all of the projects successfully under Dr. Palmieri’s guidance. She helped us not only to perform in such business areas as marketing and advertising but to reveal our strengths and weaknesses and advised us how to launch our careers in future. Apart from practical side of the internship we had very interesting discussions on study cases of companies doing business in Russia which I found very useful for myself.

I would like to thank Dr. Palmieri for advancing Russian-American business relationships and helping young people to achieve success in their future careers.


CChristian (American, University of Denver)

My internship experience with Dr. Palmieri has simply been incredible. Working for both the Honorary Russian Consulate and Deb Palmieri Russia, LLC has given me exposure to many different aspects of U.S. – Russian business relations. Through Dr. Palmieri’s internship I have gained invaluable experience in regards to multitasking, creating a vision for the future of the business, executing well structured strategies, and most of all being a professional. One of the most exciting parts of the internship program was to be able to meet with the various high profile clients which Dr. Palmieri works with. I have also had the opportunity to work on very interesting projects and events which greatly helped in building my skill set. One of the highlights of my internship was the U.S. – Russian Executive Business Round Table event. I was able to be involved in many different aspects of creating the Round Table, and I feel that the experience has been incredibly beneficial.

Working under Dr. Palmieri’s guidance was tremendously rewarding. Dr. Palmieri gave the interns the opportunity to make mistakes, but more importantly to correct them. I feel that this has greatly developed my sense of professionalism and overall ability to work in many different areas of business. I know that everything that I have learned from the internship program will have an important role in my future career.

I feel extremely lucky to have been part of such a wonderful internship program. I was able to work with bright, motivated, and fun colleagues to whom I give many thanks. I also would like to especially thank Dr. Palmieri for this truly incredible experience which will better prepare me for the future. I highly recommend this internship to anyone whom is interested in receiving “real” work experience.


Yelena (American, University of Chicago)

Working for Dr. Palmieri was by far the best internship experience. I learned a phenomenal amount about Russia, business, the government, and much more. The projects were always so exciting and ranged from launching a new consulting firm to meeting with top government officials. I had the opportunity to discuss Russian-American business with the Mayor of Denver, the Denver Sheriff, top executive leaders, and many more in a private professional environment.

Interning for Deb Palmieri Russia, LLC and the Honorary Consulate General of Russia in Colorado was a superb balance between business projects and governmental meetings and responsibilities. This internship required me to use all my skills and learn many more. I was able to utilize my Russian language skills, marketing experience, fine-tune my professional etiquette, time-management, build upon my knowledge about Russia, and so much more. Every day was challenging and exciting.

Dr. Palmieri’s guidance was invaluable. She made sure her interns knew how to act professional in any situation. She was readily available to answer questions and was always pleased to give advice about the best approach to a project. Yet, we were given ample opportunity and were expected to work independently and be self-motivated, which was a great preparatory experience. It was also a pleasure to work with my brilliant fellow interns. Their great insights, willingness to help, and overall friendliness were indispensable for the fantastic summer experience.

In addition to providing a wonderful summer internship experience, I feel that working for Dr. Palmieri has also opened many doors in my future career path. I am much more confident and knowledgeable thanks to Dr. Palmieri’s internship program.


Robert (American, Arizona State University)

   Having already been in the business world for several years and needing to complete my degree, I sought an internship utilizing my Russian language, linguistic, and cultural skills in a business setting. I found not only solutions for my internship requirements, but also a vital hands-on and real world experience unprecedented in other organizations. The Chamber’s mission and outlook fits in nicely for interns, students, and other clients who are searching for an up to date and current realistic picture of economic, social, cultural, and even psychological issues in Russian-U.S. relations. A professional hands-on approach in daily activities by those working at the Chamber gives plentiful opportunity for growth and development for those seeking a challenging and real world business experience. Dr. Palmieri has a plethora of such experience and gladly shares it with those who work with her. The valuable and professional tools that are available while in the Chamber’s internship program will help motivate and drive one to succeed if they are applied to the organization’s key principles and structures. The opportunity to learn from Dr. Palmieri and other experienced professionals in such a real-world setting, and yet being given a learning curve and appropriate training atmosphere, provides a chance to learn through challenges and even mistakes that would not be tolerated in most organizations.

Main highlights of my internship included opportunities to communicate and work with top professionals in companies, corporations and governments. As interns, we had a wonderful opportunity to hold a reception for business professionals and government representatives in commemoration of the G8 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia. This was an awesome chance to meet heads of businesses and organizations, and learn about Russian-American ties on the national and even local stage. There is also a great chance to publish articles and research in the Russian Commerce News, a publication made by the Chamber. These experiences among many others helped provide insight into the realization of Russia’s great potential and current vital role in the world! Those who wish to expand their exposure to Russia and use any training in Russian language or culture should strongly consider an internship at the Chamber.

If you love Russia and want a chance to learn more about it in business and government within a current business climate, and if you want additional training, mentoring, and even career guidance, then you should apply for the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce internship program. You will not regret it!


Ksenia “Susha” (Russian, University of Denver)

Searching for an internship that is useful and applicable to one’s studies presents a challenging task. Fortunately, the internship at The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® was worth the effort 100 percent! As an additional benefit, I had the exciting opportunity to speak in Russian.  Reflecting on my work at the Chamber, I was exposed to day-to-day activities of a non-profit, independent organization operating in the business world. I personally assisted in planning and executing the 13th Annual Meeting. This meeting was by far, the highlight of the internship. I met numerous top-notch executives who discussed the achievements and impediments of U.S. - Russia business cooperation.

Dr. Palmieri, briefly, is an individual with a vast amount of scholarly knowledge and business professionalism. I was delighted to discuss numerous matters even unrelated to business with her.  I am genuinely inspired by the work of the Chamber.  The United States must realize Russia’s potential.  The dominant apprehensions of the Cold War between the two countries must fade as Russian-American business cooperation flourishes. 

It has been my honor to intern at the RACC assisting in promoting Russian-American relations. My internship at the Chamber definitely has been an enriching and rewarding experience. I would strongly recommend applying to intern at the Chamber if one wishes to be exposed to the workings of an accomplished commerce and trade organization.


Julia (Russian, University of Denver)

My summer internship at the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® has been an unforgettable experience. I have obtained much knowledge about business relations between Russia and United States and applied my skills to the fullest in the research process. I have had an astonishing opportunity to participate in great events and meetings. This helped me to better understand some problems in the relationship between the two countries and brainstorm for some solutions on how to solve them with my team mates.

I am truly lucky to have had this chance to work with Dr. Palmieri and have her guidance in the work that I have done over the summer, she has been a real inspiration to my work and great mentor of my achievements. My knowledge obtained in this internship will be my base in wherever I may proceed in my further career. I have learned business etiquette, teamwork from people of different cultural backgrounds, knowledge of different issues in Russia and United States, and developed ideas for better relations between the two countries. This internship defined what I want to become professionally and I would recommend it to all students who are searching to succeed in their careers. I would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Palmieri, all interns I have worked with as well as all the people I met while interning at RACC.


Timothy (American, University of Colorado, Boulder)

I applied to the chamber’s internship program with the hope of learning more about Russia. What I gained from this internship, however, was far more than expected. The valuable insight that Dr. Palmieri and the internship provided to me is an excellent foundation to my career. My work at the Chamber focused not only on Russia, but also the business world. Of the many topics Dr. Palmieri stressed, professionalism was the key. Dr. Palmieri often told us interns that she would provide us with the opportunity to make mistakes and be corrected, while at other internships we would be fired or never even offered a job. We were also given several chances to put our research on professionalism into action by hosting important delegations from the Russian business world. We hosted a group of Russian commercial court judges and a cocktail reception between Lockheed Martin and Energia. This amazing “real world” experience is definitely unique to internships at the Chamber. I also got the opportunity to put my technical skills to the test in “modernizing” the office. The two research papers I compiled for the Russian Commerce News gave me the in-depth look at Russia that I was hoping for in my internship.

I know that wherever I go and whatever I do; the Chamber will be an integral part. I wish to thank the Chamber, my fellow interns, and most importantly Dr. Palmieri for a “once-in-a-lifetime” summer experience.


Nune (Armenian, Bowling Green State University)

   The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce was for me the ‘perfect’ place to get invaluable and hands-on experience on the U.S.-Russian commercial relations. From an economist’s perspective, the practical skills that I have gained complemented and reinforced my theoretical knowledge. I really enjoyed my combined research and administrative internship at the Chamber, because it created opportunities to not only publish research articles and papers in the Russian Commerce News but also to be in charge of various important projects and manage daily tasks. Moreover, the interpersonal skills that I have acquired at the Chamber, ability to cope with the deadlines and work fast will help me succeed in the competitive career marketplace today.


Diana (Russian, University of Wisconsin-Superior)

   The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce was a great place for me to get hands-on experience in U.S.-Russian commercial relations, further build my public relations, marketing, presentation, and leadership skills. As a Communications major, the practical skills that I have gained complemented my theoretical knowledge, and learned new valuable interpersonal and networking skills.

The highlights of my internship for me were working on special event organization and media support projects, as well as updating marketing materials. Above all, I gained some insight into how a non-profit organization operates and saw what it takes to make it successful. This challenging experience will help me in the in the future, I believe.


Stephanie (American, University of Denver)

Having an internship near my home and focusing on my specific interests was a surprise to find in Denver, Colorado. I was able to utilize what I learned in Russia here at the Chamber, build my resume, and experience in a field that I hope to pursue. While working at the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce as a Visiting Research Associate I was primarily responsible for bringing in new information that would keep the business of the Chamber relevant and timely.

An example of the Chamber’s timeliness came about in April 2006 when the Chief Justice of the Supreme Arbitrazh Court came to Denver. He discussed improving transparency and openness in the Court system. I would have never had a chance to be at such a meeting anywhere else. This was an excellent opportunity to hear from a high official, who will impact U.S.-Russia relations, and to see top U.S. business leaders’ reactions to Russian attitudes. To conclude, there are many opportunities at the Chamber to gain valuable experience in non-profit organization, technology, economics, and politics.


Shushan (Armenian, Tulane University)

The results of my internship exceeded my initial expectations. First of all I accomplished my main objective and learned about Russian-American business relationships.  I accomplished this by doing research, cooperating with my teammates, as well as from the presenters at the Round Table that I attended.

This internship also provided me with the chance to meet numerous people in the community who helped me learn about the local history and culture, introduced me to prominent people in town, and kindly showed me the most picturesque places around Leadville. I consider the establishment of professional and personal relationships with these people one of my best accomplishments from the internship. 

The internship provided me with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I have obtained in business school. I could successfully participate in meetings and interviews with my team, conduct research and make a presentation during the Round Table, and accomplish other assignments.

I am highly satisfied with my experience with the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce®. I highly recommend to other students to apply for an internship at The Applied Business Research Center, and among other accomplishments, get a chance to climb Mount Elbert.


Andrey (Ukrainian, Southern Methodist University)

   My 2004 summer internship with The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® proved to be an incredibly powerful experience.  I and four other research analysts were the first team to work from The Applied Business Research Center, initiate several key projects and create a public relations campaign to promote the center.   

Not only had I gained a valuable experience in leadership, public relations, marketing, presentations, communications and team-work, but also traveled to many places and  was able to find life-long friends, which is an accomplishment in itself.

During the internship I had a chance to meet and lead high-level communications with officials from cities such as Aspen, Vail and Leadville.  My colleagues and I had built wonderful relations with the mayor and the director of community relations of Aspen, as well as the mayor of Leadville and many officials from the local Chamber of Commerce offices.

I strongly believe the skills and experiences that we have gained during our internships will bear fruits of success in our future ventures and careers. Besides work, we also enjoyed having fun.  Because of our successful PR campaign, we became local celebrities, which made it easier to meet new people and learn more about life in such a small town as Leadville.

We also enjoyed hiking, mountain climbing and, of course, the unforgettable horseback riding.  Our experiences have taught us many things, and all of us will go home somewhat better human beings.  I will remember the time spent in Leadville for many years to come.


Vladimir (Russian, Southern Methodist University)

   I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to become a part of the inaugural team of researchers that were responsible for establishing a research facility in Leadville, Colorado in the summer of 2004.

First and foremost, I got a chance to work with four bright colleagues with very different backgrounds and experiences. We had a very cohesive team and I am very thankful for that great team. 

Not only did I get a chance to work on interesting research projects, but to build my public relations, team-work, marketing, presentation and leadership skills.  I believe that every one of those skills will greatly help me in becoming a successful international economist in the future. 

The highlight of my experience was a US-Russia business roundtable.  In short, that was a blast.  Can one imagine a US-Russia business roundtable in the Rockies? Usually it is NY, Moscow or other metropolitan cities.  But we had one in Leadville—on top of it all!  I had a chance to learn from the brightest people in the business, local community and my colleagues.  I will never forget those insightful speeches about investment banking, environmental issues, oil and gas, textile and other projects in Russia.  Nor will I forget a very interesting speech about a strategic alliance by Colonel Clay Stewart from the USAF.  It was a great honor for me to give a presentation on the economy of Russia to all the bright people at the roundtable.  Overall, the whole roundtable was an unforgettable experience.


Olga (Russian, Ball State University)

  "I chose The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce®, National Headquarters in Denver as a place of my summer internship for its commitment to promote mutually-beneficial economic contacts between Russian and American businesses.

The Chamber is a non-profit organization whose members are American and Russian companies involved in international business. During my internship I made certain that the RACC had the energy and strength to tackle multi-faceted issues stirring the business community today. It has vision and experience for the continuous development of the entrepreneurial, scientific, cultural and common human relations between Russians and Americans.

During my work at the RACC I was involved in doing research on U.S. Visa Policy issues towards Russians and administrative preparation of important Chamber events. I met many remarkable people talented in their fields of specialization and gained a lot personally and professionally from communicating with them. It was a great pleasure to be a part of the team of 2004 summer interns at The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® and work with them on a variety of The Chamber's projects."


Robert (Indonesian, University of Colorado, Denver)

First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Palmieri for accepting me as a part of The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce®. The experience which the Chamber offered me during the summer of 2005 was really unforgettable. The time I spent with the Chamber really gave me numerous opportunities to learn more about Russia. Not only did the Chamber teach me about the Russian culture, business and political situation in general, but it also showed me how confident Russia is looking forward to face its future.

The Russian American Chamber of Commerce® also contributed so much value to me as a young learner. It really taught me how to be a disciplined person. It gave me a valuable lesson about how a non-profit organization runs its daily business matters. The Chamber also showed me how to deal with deadlines, improved my team working skills, and gave me several chances to practice my business etiquette skills in real life situations.

Overall, I really recommend the Chamber to anyone who wants to get something more in his or her life


Marianna (Armenian, University of Georgia)

   My research and life experience at the Applied Business Research Center is best characterized as 'unique'. The Center started this summer on the basis of Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® that proved to be unique in its field of expertise. The town of Leadville is unique according to both its history that traces back to gold and silver fever and location - the highest in the US.

 Our group of interns - the Center starters - is unique by either cultural diversity or high professional level. The Center that is now well known and welcomed in the town and the area provides unique opportunities to continue educational and professional activities in nature's pure embrace. Not only were we encouraged to concentrate on our research, but also had an opportunity to make presentations on the chosen topics during the Chamber's special events organized in Leadville. During the summer, I advanced both professionally, working on issues of interest, and personally, communicating with people of diverse backgrounds and life experiences.


Denis (Russian, Vanderbilt University)

   During my internship in Leadville, Colorado, I met many interesting people: members of our intern team from different republics of CIS as well as Leadville's residents. Meeting and talking to Leadville natives, I significantly improved my understanding of The United States. Two roundtables, held in Leadville by the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® further enlarged my acquaintances and enhanced my knowledge about American companies doing business in Russia.

I also worked for Leadville/Twin Lakes Chamber of Commerce for 4 hours a week. My job included telling people about Leadville and thus I was able to improve my English and communicating skills. Meanwhile, I improved my own knowledge about Leadville history. I believe this form of cooperation between two Chambers greatly contributed to the recognition of our Research Center in the local community.

My other task was the research on tax reform in Russia. Using many sources of information I presented the overview of the current Russian tax system and perspectives of its development. I hope this work will help American companies and entrepreneurs doing business in Russia.

We had exciting outdoor activities: hiking, barbequing near the waterfall, traveling around Colorado. And we climbed the highest mountain in Colorado - Mt. Elbert. Indeed, interning at Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® was an unforgettable experience for me.


Eurica (Nepalese, University of Colorado, Denver)

  My internship at The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® RACC was very much worth my while.  I obtained double benefits from this internship as it was a credit internship. I did not just get a chance to have a hands-on experience of what I learned in school at the internship but also a wonderful opportunity to apply what I learned in a real workplace setting. RACC provides a comfortable yet professional environment for the interns to work in. It is a place that exactly tells you what the expectations are from your employers’ perspective. You also get to learn from the other inters who come from varied cultural backgrounds and also apply and enhance the knowledge that you that you gained from your home-country or countries that you traveled. I consider myself lucky to have had an opportunity to work with Dr. Palmieri, who gave instructions and also provided insights about what is required to do well in the workplace. The skills that I acquired at RACC would not just be beneficial for the workplace but will be equally essential and useful in my personal life as well.

I would like to say thank you, to Dr. Palmieri and all the interns for enriching my life with such a wonderful experience. I would recommend The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® for students who have a desire to succeed in life. 


Irina (Russian, University of Colorado, Denver)

The time spent with the Chamber became a marking point in my professional growth and development. I had a chance to become a part of something that in academic setting seems rather remote, complicated and unreal. It turned out to be the other way, though. I totally enjoyed my project management experience and research opportunities in public policy arena. I gained valuable insights as for what makes day-to-day operations of a small nonprofit organization and how it accomplishes its mission. The challenges I met in the course of my internship and the friends I made have considerably broadened my horizons and they will certainly help me grow on.


Scott (American, Brigham Young University)

My summer working at The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce was a wonderful experience.  The work that I was engaged in provided me with the opportunity to step away from my comfort zone and learn valuable lessons.  My professional skills were expanded thanks to the work and leadership roles that I was given.  

One of the greatest parts of the summer was the chance to meet and work with the other great interns.  They were all very talented and taught me how to work with people form different backgrounds.  In addition to the interns, I had had the opportunity to meet with other prominent professionals and work on my communication skills.  This was a very hands-on work experience for me, and I highly recommend to anyone else that loves Russia to come and work here. 


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01Alexei (Belorussian, University of Denver)

   "When I first heard of The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce®, I knew that was the place I wanted to do my summer internship. I expected that it would be a place where I could network with U.S. businesses doing business in Russia, and I would get an impressive entry in my resume. Turns out, my expectations were too modest!

I personally met and got a chance to introduce myself to top representatives of the FORTUNE 500 companies during the 11th Annual Meeting. In addition, I was lucky enough to meet some of them in an informal setting in Leadville during the first Rocky Mountain Business Roundtable in 2003. I've received invaluable career advice and country insights from these distinguished professionals (who turned out to be very nice people).  I also was sent by the Chamber president to represent the Chamber at a small luncheon with Dr. Hoffman, president of the Univ. of Colorado, and I met the prime minister of Tatarstan, when he visited the Chamber with a ranking delegation.

I was a part of a massive database update effort, where I got phone skills I would never get anywhere else. I was also a part of the publication promotion project that allowed me to master my e-commerce skills.

I was honored to act as a Guest Editor of the Fall 2003 Issue of The Russian Commerce News. Together with two other interns - Steve and Elina  - we had put together an issue that explored what the Russian and American youth think of the future of the U.S.-Russia relations, and what that means for the U.S.-Russia commerce now and in the near future."


Marina (Russian, University of Wyoming)

I met Dr. Palmieri during her visit to the University of Wyoming in Laramie.  I got a chance to hear one of her speeches about Putin and the future of Russia in my international trade class, and right away, I was interested in the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce and the internship program.  Unlike most of my fellow interns, I was in the very beginning of my professional career development.  During my summer internship, Dr. Palmieri took the time to work with me and build a solid professional foundation that I could not obtain anywhere else.  I have to say that the most incredible aspect of it was that I never did just one thing; in the short period of time, I performed various tasks, ranging from updating the database to participating in the preparations for roundtable meetings, and other workshops.  As a part of the administrative team, my duties included organization, filing, document preparation, and communication. I got an insight into how a non-government organization operates, and saw what it takes to make it successful. I got a chance to attend business meetings and observe real business etiquette, which is an invaluable experience for me! I also met great friends and we are still keeping in touch. I will never forget my summer in Denver! Thank you Dr. Palmieri for everything!


Marta (American, University of Denver)

After spending some time in Russia and taking graduate courses in U.S.-Russian foreign policy, I was ready to apply my knowledge to promote better U.S.-Russian business relations. An internship with The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce offered me the opportunity to delve this arena. My responsibilities not only exposed me to the challenges and risks associated with doing business in Russia, but also to the rewards. I witnessed top executives discuss how their businesses have thrived in this still emerging market. I also meet with those interested in expanding their business to Russia. It was exciting to be able to help open doors for them and provide them with the tools to meet their desired goals. Furthermore, I was able to meet other interns from the former-Soviet Union and learn about some of the changes taking place in their home countries. Most importantly, working with Dr. Palmieri was a truly rewarding and enriching experience. Her direct, open nature combined with great professionalism challenged me to work and think outside the box on various issues. I encourage anyone with an interest in Russia to apply for an internship with The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. It’s well worth the time!


Karine (Armenian, University of the Pacific)

Upon completing my LL.M. program in Transnational Business Practice at McGeorge School of Law, I was looking for an internship with an organization that is committed to addressing international trade and investment issues as we proceed in a new millennium marked by the expansion of international business into new markets.  While at the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce (RACC), I was impressed by the diversity of aspects the association utilizes to build business relations between the U.S. and Russia.

I have been exceptionally fortunate to work at the RACC.  I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of matters ranging from doing research of investment climate in Russia to supporting industry conferences on legal, financial, and oil and gas industries.  All of the conferences and roundtables I attended broaden my understanding of how business is conducted in the two countries, how that business interrelates with the remaining international geopolitical issues, and how the instruments should be adapted to the changing needs of today’s global economy.

An internship with the RACC has contributed immensely both to my personal and professional development.  I am thankful for that fruitful experience.


Diem-Thy Nguyen Truong (American, Denver University)

My internship at the Russian American Chamber of Commerce® has been a valuable and memorable experience.  Dr. Palmieri is an exceptional mentor with much insight and knowledge of the industry as well as the professional business environment.  I have gained the skills necessary to succeed and realize the endless effort, consistency and professionalism needed to advance in any career.  I was able to learn how to multi-task, plan meetings, meet deadlines, conduct research and much more. 

I want to thank Dr. Palmieri as well as the organization for this wonderful and unforgettable opportunity of a lifetime.  I have met many contacts and made lifelong friends.  I would recommend this internship to anyone with an interest in business and is not afraid of challenges.


Kait (American, Scripps College)

As a Russian major and International Relations minor, I searched for a long time to find an internship opportunity that fit my needs for the summer.  The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce seemed to fit my requirements perfectly and I was excited to hear that I had been accepted as a summer intern.  Coming into this internship at the beginning of the summer I had hoped to get an idea of how business relationships worked based on more than just book knowledge, make business connections and meet new people who shared the same interest in Russia that I have.

As the summer draws to a close I find that my experience here has exceeded all of my expectations.  I was not only able to observe the politics that directly affect international business; I had the chance to be directly involved as well.  I helped to set up meetings with senators and other government officials for the Russian-American Chamber delegation sent to Washington, D.C. in the beginning of the summer as well as assist in doing research on the U.S.-Russia visa issue that they would be discussing.

I gained powerful insights as to not only how business between the United States and Russia is conducted but also first-hand experience with the inner workings of my own government.  This combined with meeting some wonderful people from all different backgrounds and having a chance to attend meetings with other interns as well as local business people has made my summer as fulfilling as it has been interesting.


Carter (American, University of Denver)

Upon completing my first year of coursework in International & Intercultural Communication and International Business, I was anxious to find an internship that would enable me to utilize the knowledge learned in the classroom.  After hearing such great things from former interns at the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce I decided to interview for an internship.  As luck would have it, Dr. Palmieri was looking to implement a Cross-Cultural Training Program at the Chamber and needed someone with my exact qualifications. 

Having no prior experience with Russia I was both excited and nervous about my internship experience.  I was fortunate to work with a fellow intern, Scott Durrant, who had the Russian experience that I lacked.  Together we were able to draw on our own strengths and forge ahead with creating a Cross-Cultural Training Program.  After about a month of research, drafting a mission statement and interviewing various people, we were ready to market our newly created program to the Denver public.

Scott and I learned so much about marketing, advertising and sales.  It truly was a hands-on experience!  We got a great response from the public and facilitated our first workshop in August.  We had representatives from such companies as Coors, US Bank and the Governor's Office.  The workshop was a huge success and went off without a hitch. 

Dr. Palmieri has a reputation at the University of Denver for providing an outstanding internship program, one that offers students the opportunity to actually do "real", professional work, and I couldn't agree more.  If you are looking for an invaluable internship experience and the opportunity to work closely with fascinating people, an internship at the Chamber is the way to go.

We are committed to providing the same kind of enriching experience to everyone who is interning with us: during your time of internship as well as after. When leaving the doors of the then Chamber and now Honorary Russian Consulate and Deb Palmieri Russia LLC and Institute, most interns stay in touch with our offices and each other, which means even more possibilities for further professional development.