Deb Palmieri Russia LLC
Summer Programs

“Mastering Principles and Strategies of Doing Business in Russia”

The Deb Palmieri Russia Institute offers an intensive summer program in Denver, Colorado, with two 1 week-long sessions, and several intensive weekend seminars which afford you the opportunity to tailor a personal summer program to your individual/professional needs.  In the company of a small group of like-minded peers you will immerse yourself in a host of issues pertaining to doing business with Russia.  You will study company experiences, examine the Russian economy and challenges to modernization, discover how companies are making it in Russia, and learn how to optimally conduct a job search in this field.

Each student will receive invaluable experience.  Students attending the week-long sessions will receive a certificate of completion. College credit from your institution may be possible.

Intensive Weekend Career Workshops
June 21st - 22nd
July 12th - 13th
July 26th - 27th

  • How to Pursue a Career in Government
  • Optimal Paths to Business Careers
  • Best Strategies Conducting a Job Search
  • Entrepreneurship: Going Out on Your Own

Week- Long Certificate Workshops
June 16th - 20th
July 21st - 25th



The Deb Palmieri Russia Institute offers an intensive Summer Certificate Program. The location of both sessions is Denver, Colorado at 1552 Pennsylvania St. With a small group of like-minded peers you will immerse yourself in issues pertaining to doing business with Russia. You will study company experiences; learn about the Russian economy and challenges to modernization; learn how companies are making in Russia and learn how to optimally conduct a job search in this field. You will also produce your own specialized research brief on a related topic under the supervision of Dr. Palmieri. You will learn how to navigate Russian complexities with confidence and skill. Each session is limited to a small group. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be rewarded a completion certificate.

Topics include:

  • Background on Russian History, Culture, Politics, and Economics
  • Understanding Current Politics in Russia and Business Impacts
  • Evaluating Risk in Russia: Approaches and Methodologies
  • How Companies Do Business in Russia: Case Studies
  • Handling Threats of Organized Crime
  • Russia's Legal, Tax, and Commercial Environment
  • How to Find a Job Dealing with U.S-Russian Business:
    • Some Tips and Strategies
    • Issues in Relocating to Russia
    • Survival Strategies, Optimal Management Practices in Russia

College credit may be available through independent study from your institution.



Participants in the program will study, research, and train out of the Downtown Denver office of Deb Palmieri Russia LLC and the Honorary Consulate General of Russia in Colorado at 1552 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, 80203. Denver is an exciting entrepreneurial metropolis and a youthful city full of outdoor and sports enthusiasts. It boasts one of the highest quality lifestyles in the world. Denver is the center of finance and industry in the Rocky Mountain West, and a close drive to a wide variety of mountain attractions, including hiking, cycling, white water rafting and horseback riding in the summer and skiing in the winter.


Program participants coming from out-of-state or country are responsible for their own accommodations. There is limited on-site housing offered at the program site.  Inquire for details. There are many nearby hotels at reasonable prices. There is a youth hostel, the Denver International Youth Hostel, 2 blocks from the program building. There is ample public transportation near the program building.


Program Costs

Tuition for each weekend session is $279.00 and each week seminar is $599.00. A 15% discount is available when you sign up for a weekend session AND a week seminar together.  Fees include instruction, study materials, and your basic textbook The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Doing Business with Russia, edited by Dr. Palmieri. Students are responsible for transportation to the program, meals, local transportation, personal recreation, lodging, and regular health insurance expenses. 


Undergraduates with minimum junior standing and graduate students with an interest in Russian and disciplines including business, international affairs, political science, and economics are welcome to apply.

summer_intern1summer_intern2The program is geared for business competency development and leadership training.

Application Process

Applicants must submit an application, which can be found on the website here . There is no application fee. Qualified students are chosen on a first come, first serve basis.

Email for details. Register early.  Limited availability.

About Dr. Palmieri and Deb Palmieri Russia Institute

Dr. Deborah Anne Palmieri is founder and president of Deb Palmieri Russia LLC, a management consulting firm. The firm specializes in providing clients with superior expertise on all aspects of business with Russia, including strategy, problem-solving, risk minimization and conflict resolution. Dr. Palmieri is also Honorary Consul General of Russia in the State of Colorado. She served as president and CEO of The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce from 1994 to early 2007. Prior to that, her career history included serving as senior administrator at the University of Southern California and teaching at Pomona College and the University of Denver. For the past twenty-five years, Dr. Palmieri has undertaken the mission of expanding U.S.-Russian business and trade and fostering a positive business climate. She has written countless articles, convened hundreds of meetings and has brought private companies and public officials together in pursuit of U.S.-Russian economic cooperation. She is experienced in business, problem-solving and conflict resolution between Russian and Western entities.

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