Deb Palmieri Russia LLC

Here’s what
Deb Palmieri Russia LLC
can do for you

Problem-Solving and Solutions

Help you solve problems and find the right solutions with expert analysis

Expert Assessment

Interact with your management as an outside expert and facilitate trouble-shooting


Corporate Training

Train your employees in all aspects of doing business with Russia - culture, negotiation, etiquette, politics, history, living in Russia, lifestyle adaptation, handling Russian management, and more.

Executive Coaching

Coach you through your business problems and help you find solutions. Give you feedback and help you evaluate alternative management scenarios.


Special Projects

Plan, organize, manage, and execute your special project with efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the highest level of professional excellence

Feasibility Analysis

Conduct feasibility studies on potential Russian projects, quickly and effectively

Access and Introductions

Open doors and introduce you to key players, with a superior network gained over 25 years of experience

Conflict Resolution

Find win-win solutions for disputes you may encounter

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