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Russian Honorary Consulate General

View of Denver County Courthouse from the State Capitol Building

Honorary Consul General

     At a ceremony at the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C., then Ambassador Yuri Ushakov congratulated Dr. Deborah A. Palmieri on her appointment as the Russian Federation’s first Honorary Consul General in the State of Colorado.
     Dr. Palmieri officially assumed her duties in January 2007 and Russia became a member of the Colorado Consular Corps for the first time.

I am honored and excited for this wonderful opportunity to further friendship and understanding between the State of Colorado and Russia. Colorado has a rich history of companies and individuals who have deep ties with Russia. I look forward to promoting educational and business exchanges and to supporting Russian citizens in the state. As we have enjoyed over 200 years of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Russia, there will be many opportunities to foster dialogue and historical and cultural awareness here in the State of Colorado.”


The Honorary Consulate General of Russia in Colorado receives many inquires about Russian resources in Denver from both the large local Russian immigrant population as well as those with a general interest in all things Russian. The Honorary Consulate has responded to these inquiries by compiling a list of Russian resources to serve the Denver metropolitan community. You will find resources ranging from Russian restaurants to best Russian spa.

     The office of the Honorary Consulate General of Russia is in Downtown Denver.

Visas to Russia

 How do I get a visa? This is a frequently asked question to the Honorary Consulate. First go to the web site of the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco at Then click on visa requirements. Next you will see the application forms. You should click on the link to the form for U.S. citizens and it will download. Then fill out the form by typing on the computer or print out the form and neatly fill in the blanks. Finally, mail the form to: Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco, 2790 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94123. The explanation of the visa process is quite detailed, and in case you have any additional questions you can call the Consulate General at (415) 928-6878 or when applying by mail just follow the instructions listed on the web page.

Russian Resources in the Denver Metropolitan Area

Art Galleries

Sloane Gallery
1612 17th St, Oxford Office Building
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 595-1230

sloane gallerySL380396

Waiting outside of the Sloan Gallery, where the Russian Art Collection shines from inside out with all of the famous paintings and sculptures of Russian leaders from Lenin period until Gorbachev era, one realizes how popular the place was. It is only open Tuesdays through Fridays.  The Sloan Gallery is a shining diamond in the heart of the downtown of Denver. The experience inside is just fascinating. One enters the room that works as a magnet, drawing attention to each piece of the art that are uncommonly beautiful, but very unique. Pieces by famous artists such as Tcelkov, Krasnopevtcev, Kalinin, Zverev, Komar and Melamidon, Plavlinsky, Shemakin are only half of the amazement and attraction at the gallery. The other half, without which Denver and probably U.S. as a whole would never be exposed to Russian art, is Mina Litinsky. That beautiful lady from Leningrad moved to the U.S. in 1981 and realized her dream in opening Sloan Gallery. At first however, it was nothing even close to that professional Gallery is located on 1612 17th Street next to the Oxford Hotel.  First, it was a little room in New York that she organized and decorated for the show without any money or knowledge in English language. But Minas unique approach, along with her passion for Russian art and her warm welcoming, led to success. Today, Mina is a well-known specialist of Russian Art and is in a large demand by those who are interested in the contemporary art world.”  (Written by Julia Rozenfeld)

Mizel Museum
400 S. Kearney St.
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 394- 9993
(303) 394 –1119
A beautiful art museum featuring different exhibits promoting cultural awareness. The Mizel Museum features regular special art exhibits.  Call them for the latest.

Moshinsky Art Gallery, Inc
2160 University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80210
(303) 778- 1796

Russian Ark Fine Art
931 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
(720) 371 -7261

One of the Russian artists who present her work at the gallery is Ludmila Agrich. She is an Impressionist artist who focuses on capturing intimate moments of ordinary life. She says, “No matter what I am painting, a landscape or a little café in an old European town, they should speak in the language of human feelings”. Ludmila is only one of many amazing artists who work with Russian Ark Fine Art. If you are interested in art, come and enjoy the fascinating paintings by the Russian artists.

Business Advisement and Consulting on Russia

Russian Consulate

Deb Palmieri Russia LLC
1552 Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 831-9181
Deb Palmieri Russia LLC helps companies succeed in business with Russia and turn risk into reward through win-win strategies, effective solutions, superior knowledge, understanding and solid personal relations. In order to support you, Deb Palmieri LLC provides following services: Problem-Solving and Solutions; Expert Assessment; Corporate Training, Executive Coaching, Special Projects, Feasibility Analysis, Access and Introduction, Conflict Resolution, Strategizing and Risk Assessment and Containment.

Banks and Realtors Who Speak Russian

First Bank of Cherry Creek Evans & Downing Branch
Artem Guralev
Vice President
1316 East Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80210
303-778-8300  direct: 303-336-2160
FAX: 303-336-2175
If you are interested in bilingual specialist in the bank industry, Artem Guralev is a great source who can not only assist you with your business and direct you to right people who can help to solve any issues in the banking industry.

First Bank
Paul Markov
500 S. McCaslin Blvd.
Louisville, CO 80027
(303) 666 – 0500

ReMax Alliance
Yulia Shafranov
(303) 403 – 2616



Russia Books House
970 S. Monaco Pkwy.
(303) 333 – 3222
“Russia Books House, the first Russian bookstore in Colorado, started its operation in 1999. Here, you can find Russian poetry and prose, such as the famous works of Pushkin and Chekhov, in both Russian and English. The bookstore has a huge variety of literature: detective, psychology, philosophy, history, among others. In addition, there are souvenirs- matrushkas and hohlomas, CD’S – Russian romances, Jewish and Ukrainian folk-lore, and popular tales.


Ludmila, the owner,  was born in Moldavia to an educated family, who taught her to love books from the early age. After growing up and getting married to a famous Russian musician, she moved to Moscow and worked at a library, reading every possible book she could find there in her spare time. A wealthy Russian businessman bought property in Denver in the early nineties,  and opened up a restaurant. He invited the best Russian musicians, among which was Ludmilas husband. Later, Ludmila and her oldest son moved to Denver, where she worked all jobs possible in order to support her family. Ludmila was not ashamed of any jobs; she worked day and night to pursue her dream: to have her own book shop. Eventually, she achieved through hard work, belief and confidence to her dream. Now, Ludmila is the proud owner of the Russian Books and Movies shop. The variety of products she provides is just fascinating, not just the well known classics, such as Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevcky, Platonov embellish shelves, but a number of contemporary works by writers such as Dontcova and Akunin and many foreign translated books. Ludmila provides all of the literature and movies that is just released; she is on top of things. She works with Moscow and orders everything that in demand there in order expose it to the Denvers public. In addition, it is important to mention that Ludmila is not only trying to satisfy young and modern customers, but she is also includes a variety of Russian scholarly work and on the study of the Russian language.   Students who take Russian classes visit the shop with their professors.   Ludmila has something for everyone.

C:\Users\TASHA\Desktop\Julechek!\SL380461.JPG C:\Users\TASHA\Desktop\Julechek!\SL380455.JPG

Books are the greatest passion that Ludmila developed since her childhood, however there is another passion she has: love for children. The idea of educating them and keeping the Russian traditions and heritage alive gave Ludmila the idea to hold some workshops at her place.  She supports American parents who have adopted Russian children and come to her shop to buy them books, cartoons, movies or CDs. The idea brings these families together and gives them the opportunity to share happiness and experiences, giving them a chance to interact with each other using their native language Russian.  Perhaps, there can be some Russian lessons for the parents, so they can be a part process as well. Ludmilas store is not only a great source of knowledge and scholarship but also entertainment and community service. (Written by Julia Rozenfeld)


All Saint of Russia Orthodox Church
Rector: Fr. Boris Henderson
3274 East Iliff Ave.
Denver, CO 80210
(303) 757-3533
The All Saints of Russia Orthodox Church currently numbers about 50 full parishioners, with an extended family of about 200 worshipers. Services are conducted in both English and Church Slavonic. There is regular instruction in the faith for both children and adults as well as for those interested in converting to Orthodoxy. The choir, which faithfully sings during the hours of church services throughout the year, is very active.  The Sisterhood, which prepares meals and cares for the needs of our parishioners, is very involved in the community.

Jewish Community Center
350 S. Dahlia St.
Denver, CO 80246
(303) 399- 2660
The Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center (JCC) is a comprehensive family center. The JCC’s mission is to provide recreational, cultural, educational and social programs and to perpetuate strength and serve the Jewish community, guided by its own timeless Jewish goals and values.

Western Center for Russian Jewry
Rabbi Aharon Sirota
295 S. Locust St.
Denver, CO 880224
(303) 355-08223
(303) 377-7675
The Western Center for Russian Jewry is dedicated to strengthening the Jewish identity, continuity, pride and integration among the Jewish people from the former Soviet Union within the Colorado Jewish community by providing an array of educational, religious, cultural and social services, and improving the quality of life by addressing the multiple needs of families in our immigrant community.

Dating Service

La Clef Dor - The Golden Key
A Private Dating –Social Club for Professional Selective Singles
Hosted by Lidia Widgery
469 S. Cherry St., Suite 101
Denver, CO 80246
Office: 303-321-1668
Cell: 303-995-2006
Lidia, the owner came to New York in 1996 from Kiev, Ukraine. In the beginning, she was taking English classes while taking care of elderly people so that she could support her family. After a few years, Lidia and her son moved to Denver and not only opened the restaurant Little Europe but Lidia became involved in the private dating social club business, first as a member and then became the owner. Lidia makes sure that people really enjoy the social events that she organizes at her club. She tries to make her clients lives more exciting and creates opportunities for the club members, mostly middle age people, to meet, socialize, and have a great experience. A number of Lidias clients have gotten married, and she keeps an album and is very proud of her indirect impact on club member's lives.  (Writtenby Julia Rozenfeld)

Education, Music, Sport

915 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80246
(303) 777-7783
With over 25 years of experience teaching English as a second language, Bridge-Linguatec has been described as a “home away from home” by many of their students. That comment illustrates the atmosphere and type of intensive English programs they strive to provide for their international body of students.
Bridge-Linguatec is a small, high-quality school with a teacher/student ration of 1:6, which allows them to provide personal attention to each of their students. From the moment one arrives at the airport in Denver, Colorado, they take every step to make one's stay with them rewarding and enjoyable.

DPT Business School
(303) 744-3075
The DPT program teaches comprehension in English language phonetics, grammar and conversation. The classes at DPT also offer training in English culture and career preparation. The DPT offers a range of business classes designed to further assist their students in the field of accounting and office administration.

Guitar Studio
Gregory Nisnevich
(303) 306-7337
Gregory Nisnevich was born in St Petersburg, Russia. He studied guitar in Russia and Europe and graduated from the University of Denver with a prestigious Artist’s Diploma. Gregory is a winner of numerous international guitar competitions. He performs at formal concerts and is available to perform at private events. He also teaches master classes in the U.S. and Europe and offers private classes at his studio in Denver. His performing and teaching repertoire includes classical, Latin, flamenco, jazz, and Argentine tango music and he has a high quality recording studio that he makes available for his students and other musicians.

Gren Music Concert Group
2476 S. Scranton Way
Aurora, Colorado, 80014 USA
The Gren Music Concert Group acts as the intermediary between Russian and American artists and organizers of events worldwide. They represent some of the most outstanding performers within Classical, Russian, and Klezmer music.

Tangoneando Dance Company
Nina Pesochinsky
(720) 434-4342
Nina Pesochinsky was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. While living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she began studying Argentine tango professionally with master teachers Pablo Puglies, the legendary Mingo and Ester Pugliese, and Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa. Nina studied the language and the culture that gave birth to the tango and has spent countless hours dancing in the milongas of Buenos Aires, learning the subtle beauty of this improvisational dance. She teaches group and private Argentinean tango classes and performs at public and private events with her dance partner and Tangoneando Dance Company.

YMOC (Young Musicians Opportunity of Colorado)  
Elena Dvorkina
7620 E. Cornell Ave.
Denver, CO 80231
(303) 750-4505

Flower Shop

Beautiful Blooms (flowers)
6487 Leetsdale Dr. Denver, CO 80224
(303) 288- 1900
Beautiful Blooms is a European style florist for all occasions. It always offers a wide variety of fresh cut flowers, green and blooming plants, gift baskets, stuffed animals, greeting cards and balloons. They can deliver from Metro Denver worldwide.


Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in the State of Colorado
Denver Office: 1552 Pennsylvania St. Denver, CO 80203.  Telephone: 303-831-9181
The Honorary Russian Consulate General of Russia represents Russian citizens in the State of Colorado.  The Consulate office provides a liaison with the Russian government in political, business, and social relations as well as issues pertaining to Russian citizens.  Dr. Deborah A. Palmieri is Honorary Consul General of the Russian Federation in the State of Colorado.



Goldin PharmacyC:\Users\TASHA\Desktop\Julechek!\SL380440.JPG
909 S Oneida St #11
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 335-6818
Pharmacy (Russian Apteka) will provide you with a number of services starting with a consultation of Russian/English speaking medical specialist, followed by choosing the correct treatment. At the store, you will find variety of products that can come in great use not only for ill patients, but also as preventive measures.
Super Home Health Care, Inc
6795 E. Tennessee Ave. #225
Denver, CO 80224

Denver Health (level one care for all)
Irina Pines, MD (Internal Medicine)
301 W. 6th Avenue
Mail Code 3250
Denver, Colorado 80204
Nurse line: (303) 739-1211
Irina Pines is a professional doctor who has been in this industry for many years. Her great personality along with high quality medical experience will help to treat any health issues.

Monaco Adult Day Care
 6675 E. Tennessee Ave Suite 100
 Denver, CO 80224
(303) 333-2299

If you miss the atmosphere of the Soviet Union times with all of the republics and regions getting along and feeling proud and united, go to “Monaco Adult Day Care”. Personnel from every part of Post Soviet Union (Belarus’, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia and many others) combined to help take care of older compatriots. This  program has a large variety activities including intellectually challenging ones, such as lectures on political topics and medical oriented themes, finishing with entertaining activities: dancing, going to museums, parks, massage, barber shop, barbeque, celebration of birthdays, watching movies, going to concerts and of course number of physical activities. The personnel have some training in case of health crises and basic issues, but clients also have the privilege of being visited by highly professional doctors who can handle more severe cases.

One of the advantages that clients have is the great variety of food choices. Every day, members can choose from at least 3 different soups, at least 2-3 meat and vegetable entries and number of beverages. People who work at the Monaco Adult day Care are so welcoming that one feels at home. If you need someone to take care of your elderly relatives during the day while you are working, Monaco could become a second home for them and you can be sure that they are in good hands.


Glendale Library
(303) 691- 0331
The Glendale Branch of the Arapahoe Library District is a full-service, fully bi-lingual branch library with a popular Russian collection. It has language materials for all age groups in all formats, including audiovisual materials, magazines, newspapers and books. It also provides bi-lingual staff during all library hours to help customers access materials and information. In addition to collections and staff, it provides a variety of educational and entertaining programs of interest to the Russian speaking community, such as children’s enrichment programs, concerts, lectures, club meetings and English as a second language classes.


California Bakery
909 S. Oneida St, 4A, Denver, CO 80224                                  
(303) 320- (303) 320- 0910
C:\Users\TASHA\Desktop\Julechek!\SL380437.JPG      C:\Users\TASHA\Desktop\Julechek!\SL380442.JPG

15413 E. Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80013
(303) 400 – 9902
International deli and foods

European Mart, Inc.
Deli $ Grocery
5225 Leetsdale Dr.
Denver, CO 80246
(303) 432-0876              

European Delicious
10050 Ralston Rd., Suite #h
Arvada, CO 80004

European Food Store Inc.
10378 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80004
(303) 434-0876

Solomon’s Grocery & European Deli
1939 S. Havana St.
Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 37 – 6454

St. Petersburg European Deli & Grocery
970 S. Oneida St. Unit 1A
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 321 – 1239


The Deli provides an assortment of Russian chocolate, candy, cookies and other sweets. You will find a variety of meat and fish, not only smoked or cooked, but also in cans. Delicious Russian style pickles, tomatoes and peppers can be found at the grocery store. If you seek Russian products with Russian labels, St. Petersburg deli is the place to shop.


Restaurants and Cafes

Dushanbe Tea House
1770 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 442-4993
Come and enjoy different foods in this handmade teahouse. Specializes in food from Tajikistan.
909 S. Oneida St. # 1B
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 320-5455
An elegant Russian restaurant serving authentic eastern European, Russian and Ukrainian delicacies. Live nightly entertainment with ample parking and easy access. Reservations recommended.

Red Square European Bistro
1512 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 595-8600


Despite the fact the restaurant is owned by Irishman Steve Ryan, Russian cuisine is served and well prepared by a Russian chef, Maxim Lonikh who was trained in France.  However, Russian food is not the only cuisine to be found on the menu. Borsch, pel’meni, golyptci, meat are prepared in variety of ways. The vodka bar is very impressive as well and includes dozens of varieties of Vodka brands and flavors. The restaurant offers two options: indoor dining in a very relaxing and well decorated interior or an outdoor experience next to the little flower beds along the tables. Come and enjoy the food and drinks!

Joes Kebab House
970 S Oneida St
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 355-2188

Joe’s Kebab House will offer you the Georgian/Russian style barbeque. Delicious meat prepared by highly experienced cook will make your meal unforgettable.

C:\Users\TASHA\Desktop\Julechek!\SL380436.JPG C:\Users\TASHA\Desktop\Julechek!\SL380433.JPG

Little Europe
1842 S. Parker Rd. #1, 2
Denver, CO 80231
(303) 369-0307
Next to the Turkish owned grocery shop and neighboring with Thai restaurant, you can find Little Europe serving European and Mediterranean cuisine. The family owned business was created in 2005 when Ludmila, experienced in the restaurant business was approached by her son Ylyan with a proposal to start up their own restaurant. Her family moved to the United States from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in 1997. They spent six months in New York, but then moved to Denver.  Luckily, Denver was growing in Russian population, thus many opportunities to find a job were opening. Ludmila worked for many years in the restaurant industry and was familiar with the business, while Ylyan was finishing up his degree in finance. They were a perfect combination: two team players with the necessary qualities to start their venture.   Today, all of the Denvers citizens and visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Ukrainian soul and taste the traditional food prepared by the best cooks. When you enter the room, for approximately 85 persons, with all the tables, you can see the bar and the restaurants stage with the music instruments for a live musical experience and dancing parties that often take place at the restaurant. The design of the restaurant is reminiscent of the old style shanson type of the set up from Russia or even Soviet Union. Tables that are covered up with red tablecloths are placed around the room along the walls, leaving plenty of space for dancing. While having a lunch, there is Russian music playing, bringing a sense of a little vacation somewhere to Russia lasting for about an hour. Very attentive waitresses take orders and treat customers as their best guests while creating a relaxing atmosphere that reminds of the 90s to those who miss the motherland and gives a unique experience for those who have never visited Russia. (Written by Julia Rozenfeld)

2648 S. Parker, Rd.
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 750- 4920
Restaurant bar, Russian Cuisine. The owner came to the United States in 1990 from Yerevan. In the beginning, he established himself in Los Angeles, where he spent 13 years. Later he was invited to Denver, where he has lived ever since. Restaurant Mirage is one of the businesses that he owns, along with few deli and shashliki, “Georgian/Russian barbeques”. At the Mirage, you will enjoy tasty Russian Cuisine while relaxing in the spacious but very cozy area.

110  16th Street
Denver CO 80202


Spa, Russian Style

Izba Spa
1441 York Street
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 321-1239
Want to get energized for at least a week and receive a massage that only Russian hands can deliver? You have to visit Russian banya, Izba, located in the middle of Denver at Colfax and York, to get an unforgettable experience.  Inside, customers will be exposed to Russian culture, which embodies every component of that place, starting with the design and decoration, accompanying a small smell of veniki, and complimented by a fine staff, most of whom are Russian speaking and very warm people.

One may even have the pleasure of meeting the owner of Izba, Leonid Vyskov. His journey in the U.S. started in December of 1992, when he moved to Denver from Kazakhstan.   With  a degree in physical education and massage skills, he quickly found a job at the  Institute of Colorado giving massage lessons. Later, Leonid utilized his massage skills and worked with the NHL hockey team, Colorado Avalanche. Leonid admitted that he had enjoyed working with famous athletes.  However, his entrepreneurial nature and desire to be his own boss caused him leave the job. Luckily, demand for Leonids skills and connections with the Colorado Institute of Massage helped him to organize his own establishment. "Izba Spa" has been successfully functioning since March of 1995. Leonid chose Denver because it reminded him of his own city in Alma Ata and arriving without any basic English skills, Leonid showed the toughness of a Soviet man and achieved unbelievable results. Leonid enjoys living in Denver and believes that he can achieve all the goals he set for himself. His ambitions move him every day, and we may see some new projects from him. Leonid has already franchised one of his places located on Parker; perhaps, we will be able to observe another one in the near future. (Written by Julia Rozenfeld)

Izba Spa (Parker)
12908B Cottonwood Drive
Parker, CO 80134
The Izba spa incorporates the traditional Russian Banya (Steam bath) with therapeutic massage and modern methods of holistic therapies to promote good health, facilitate rehabilitation and reduce stress. One of the most important aims is to overcome sudden or chronic energy blocks and restore the normal flow of internal energy to the affected part, or to the entire body. The Banya’s heat stress method is an effective means to remove fat-stored toxins from the body.


Colorado Video News
200 N 35th Ave #17
Greeley, CO 80634
Freelance video journalist for hire for filming, editing or producing your company's project. Tim has provided videos for Japanese TV, Russian TV, Colorado TV stations and The Weather Channel. Known as Tornado Tim in the weather world, he is also available for reporting and has reported on severe weather on national and international radio. Rapid deployment is available if you need a reporter or photojournalist quickly. Stock video from Colorado is available or up to the minute video to meet your current news production needs. Videos can be uploaded onto your FTP site rapidly, they can send it in the form of mini-DV tapes or DVD’s over night or they can deliver video to your TV station in person if needed.


Russian Christian Radio
PO Box 1667
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-8638

American Russian Publication
(720) 495- 0073
P.O. BOX 4551 Englewood, CO 80155-4551
Russian –American publication “Gorizont” was begun in 1995, when Anatoly Muchnik moved to Denver and realized what the city was missing. It did not make sense that there was no Russian publication with such a large Russian speaking community from the former Soviet Union. At first, the newspaper was very primitive, only 12 pages in length and mainly served as a marketing strategy for local Russian entrepreneurs. However, now “Gorizont” is the most successful Russian-American publication in Denver, its length significantly expanded to 104 pages and it continues to serve as a bridge between businesses and the community. The newspaper is published weekly and is also available online. Today, the general editor Leonid Reznikov makes sure that the newspaper not only continues to work as a marketing tool but includes some fascinating articles that not only entertain the readers but, more importantly, educate them.

Video Shops

Top Video
970 S. Oneida St., #4  
(303) 320-7876

Top Video shop provides a variety of movies and cartoons to the customer, not just the latest blockbusters, but the old fashion classics that we all remember from the earlier years of childhood.