Deb Palmieri Russia LLC

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to my website, and thank you for your interest in business with Russia. For a quarter of a century now, I have dedicated my career to improving understanding between the United States and Russia, and specifically to promoting economic and business cooperation.

I believe that Russia is a significant and vital economic partner for the United States. We have not yet realized the potential of the relationship. Misunderstandings and barriers from the past have stood in the way. But this is changing quickly, and a new generation of entrepreneurs, officials and thinkers on both sides is driving a definition of a new relationship - one that is based on pragmatism, optimism and an understanding that both ?sides are much better off cooperating than fighting with each other. Naturally, there will always be elements of cooperation and competition in the relationship. But increasingly it is clear that the benefits of cooperation far outweigh the costs and downsides of rivalry.

My website is dedicated to the reality and the potential of commercial cooperation, and to improving the chances for success for companies and individuals who strive to be a part of this process. I hope you will find my website and work a resource and inspiration to reach your goals and find success. Please let me know how I can help you reach your objectives.

Cordially, Deb Palmieri