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Dr. Deb Palmieri

deb2Dr. Deborah Anne Palmieri is founder and president of Deb Palmieri Russia LLC, a management consulting firm. The firm specializes in providing clients with superior expertise on all aspects of business with Russia, including strategy, problem-solving, risk minimization, corporate training, feasibility studies and special projects. Dr. Palmieri is also Honorary Consul General of Russia in the State of Colorado. She served as president and CEO of The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce® (headquartered in Denver) from 1994 to early 2007.


Dr. Palmieri meeting with President Putin

For the past twenty-five years, Dr. Palmieri has undertaken the mission of expanding U.S.-Russian business and trade and fostering a positive business climate. She has written countless articles, organized hundreds of meetings and has brought private companies and public officials together in pursuit of U.S.-Russian economic cooperation. She is experienced in diplomatic back channeling, problem-solving and conflict resolution between Russian and Western entities at the highest levels. Dr. Palmieri’s initiatives and approaches have opened doors and solved problems for corporations and projects over several decades. Her goodwill, win-win and behind-the-scenes approaches and reputation for integrity and excellence have proven to be unique assets in confidence building and producing successful results and outcomes.

Dr. Palmieri is the co-author or editor of five books, including Russia and the NIS in the World Economy: East-West Investment, Financing and Trade; The U.S.S.R. and the World Economy; and The Dynamics of Soviet Foreign Policy. She is editor of a 5-volume set, The Ultimate Insider’s


Dr. Palmieri meeting with Evgeny Primakov

Guide to Doing Business with Russia, a definitive guide on business with Russia.

Dr. Palmieri holds a Bachelor’s from the University of Colorado, Boulder; a Master’s from the University of Denver, Graduate School of International Studies, and a Ph.D. from Columbia University.